Creating your Custom Media Room

High definition screen

The day has come when you’re ready to add that special sanctuary to your home – your dream media room. Whether converting an existing space or adding something new, today’s construction, technology and design options along with a well-qualified builder can make your wishes come true. The result will be a great experience for your family and friends to enjoy while watching streaming video, Blu-ray or TV, listening to music, and even gaming. Imagine watching your favorite classic and new release movies in your own home theater! Key things to think about when conceptualizing your custom media room include:

  • Assemble the team from the onset - Hire qualified professionals: builder, architect, audio/video consultant and interior designer. They will sweat the details for you.

  • Equipment - Have the professionals propose quality audio and video equipment that suits your budget, style, room-size and layout.

  • Sound technology - Having the right acoustics (a combination of sound absorbing and reflective materials) will enhance the listening experience. Proper soundproofing will keep the rest of your home quiet while the media room is in use.

  • Seating - Careful selection will provide comfort for many years to come; proper placement will make for ideal viewing and listening conditions.

  • The design - Contemporary, classic, futuristic, casual - the options are limitless...

The result – a media room that’s beyond your expectations and a favorite gathering place for all! Here’s one we recently completed – learn more about what you’ll need and get ideas: Powered Up for Auro-3D Surround Sound in Electronic House magazine.

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