Our Story

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Rich Rosano's background in the corporate world blends with a lifetime of hands-on residential and commercial building experience to arrive at the core tenents of the brand—experience, honesty, integrity, transparency. From large custom homes and renovations to smaller, specialty projects and estate and property management—the satisfaction of clients and the architects and designers we work with is the backbone of our business. At RRBuilders, we believe every project is unique and, to be successful, requires personal courteous  service. Our team delivers projects seamlessly, knowing that your project deserves our utmost attention.


Building Relationships with the client not the home…

RRBuilders has been building custom homes and renovating, or adding to existing properties for clients in Connecticut (Fairfield County) and New York (Westchester County), since 2001. Having developed deep trusted-builder relationships with many, we have expanded our service area to include New Jersey and Florida, to meet their ongoing housing needs.

While providing the highest level of customer service, our building expertise encompasses all critical areas of custom home building. We understand that our clients today require lifestyle-centric homes. At RRBuilders we combine that need with our deep understanding of local building regulations, regional aesthetic styles, ideal building materials for climate and topography, as well as today’s demand for home automation, green building and energy efficiency.

Rich Rosano, Managing Director, RRBuilders LLC

Rich Rosano, Managing Director, RRBuilders LLC