Home Building Trends: Luxury or Must-Haves?

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As custom builders, we thrive on crafting luxurious homes that merge beauty, comfort, and extra “wow” factors. However, for us infrastructure geeks, those wows often originate from building methods promoting efficiency, safety, and convenience. While maybe not considered as glamorous as millwork, tile and countertops, these elements play a crucial role in living in your home:

  1. Year-round comfort regardless of outside weather conditions…  Include radiant heated floors, well-engineered GEO thermal or conventional HVAC systems, proper humidification and dehumidification, a super-insulated, wrapped and water tight shell (foundation, roof and wall systems), and double or triple pane windows to maximize indoor comfort.
  2. Safety, security and convenience... Smart-home technology enables full integration of lighting, HVAC, security, surveillance, and all audio & video. By using a smart phone, tablet or computer, homeowners can easily know and control what’s going on from within the home or a remote location.
  3. Winter safety… It can be quite treacherous, stressful and dangerous just getting into the home via your driveway, steps and walkways when there is snow and ice. However today’s automated snow/ice melt systems eliminate the mess, without the need to shovel, plow or salt. Sensors automatically activate the system.

We hope this inspires you to think about different ways to maximize the enjoyment of your home. Today’s advanced building methods, materials and technologies are here to stay, and much like smartphones they're sure to become your next must-have!

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