What is a High Performance Home?

Staircase with custom millwork

Do You Have a High Performance Home? While most of us seek to be high performers personally and professionally, we should think of our HOMES as High Performers also!


As defined by RRBuilders : (a nationally recognized, award-winning, custom luxury home builder in lower CT)

A high performance home should:

1. Save you money

2. Reduce your dependence on fossil fuels

3. Strive to become comfortable, safe and secure…

 These are the critical areas:

  • Energy consumption – are we using the most efficient methods for heating/cooling our home and heating our pool/spa
  • Clean air with low toxicity – do we know that our air is clean and healthy? How can we find out?
  • Windows-does our home have efficient windows that can ultimately reduce our energy consumption and possible reduce our hvac requirements?
  • Southern exposure-is our new home to be built sited with southern exposure on the rear, with fewer penetrations on the northern side and are roof overhangs and deep porches designed to help reduce solar gain?

Additionally, one should make sure that the home has a 'well sealed thermal envelope'; we invite you learn more about R.R.Builders energy management systems.

Lastly, Privacy and Security is always important. Do you have a secure network and how good is your alarm systems?

We want to hear from you! What makes a home high performance?

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