'Open the Door' to New Possibilities!

The New Year "opens the door" to New Possibilities! (pardon the pun) These winter months are a perfect time to begin planning your spring/summer home projects - such as new construction, a renovation/addition, or perhaps a fun pool house or accessory structure.  (Recall our award-winning pool house!)

WHAT is Team Build?

  • Team - The Architect and Builder work as a TEAM with the Client, right from the beginning of the project.
  • Design/Build Role - This TEAM makes informed decisions the first time. This helps to avoid potential redesigns due to cost over-runs and/or time delays.
  • Smoother Process - Clients tend to be happier because projects have a higher chance of being on time and on budget with minimal changes.

How do you BENEFIT from Team Build?

  • Make Better Decisions - You're given meaningful alternatives because the TEAM addresses the cost, quality and schedule issues during design, not after.
  • Maximize Value - The TEAM's ability to make informed decisions means that you receive the highest possible quality for every dollar you spend.
  • Save Time & Avoid Added Stress  - We at R.R.Builders create win-win solutions, so you have more free time and avoid unnecessary surprises, delays, backtracking and disputes.
  • Customized Process - You deal directly with the architect and builder, as a TEAM from 'day one' who are responsive to your needs, versus a rigid design/build project template where you follow an uncustomized process, when the builder is engaged, after the design is complete.