Green Living for Modern Luxury Homes Means ... Comfort, Convenience and Style

Lately, more clients are asking us about ways to incorporate sustainability, or “green living” into their homes. Today’s custom homes can include many features and materials that make for a better environmental footprint, while still being magnificent to live in! The key is to use high performance techniques and technologies, which help homeowners save resources and significantly lower utility bills.

    1. Technology and Control – We install energy-efficient appliances, doors and windows, low-flow water fixtures, and “smart home” controls that easily and remotely manage lights, HVAC, security, and more, making energy efficiency easy and seamless for homeowners.
    2. Infrastructure – Certain materials and systems can make a home healthier for its occupants and the planet. For example, the right ventilation plan and roofing materials affect air quality and heating/cooling needs. We install drywall, insulation and other items made from recycled-content or reclaimed materials, and Geothermal systems that utilize subterranean temperatures to provide heating and cooling. In addition, we prep outdoor living spaces and landscaping to enable water conservation and allow for specialized gardens.
    3. Aesthetics – We love showing clients the many gorgeous – and eco-friendly – options available for countertops, flooring, carpeting, tiles, fixtures, decking and much more. These are often made from sustainable, recycled and/or locally-sourced materials. Durability, ease of maintenance and fewer toxins also contribute to their long-term sustainability.

We're sure you'll agree that reclaimed wood, used in the project shown above, makes for a striking space!

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