Fusing Contemporary Living with Traditional New England Style

Street view

Traditional New England home design conjures up images of colonial architectural, coastal cottages, and historical furnishings. Thankfully, these influences are going strong today, giving our region a distinctive, picturesque feel unlike anywhere else. When we’re building a luxurious new custom home or renovating an older home in the upscale Fairfield County, CT and Westchester County, NY towns we serve, it’s a fun challenge to pay homage to history while including state-of-the-art functionality for today’s living.

- We incorporate home automation that controls security, indoor climate, entertainment systems, and more, creating a “smart home” in a way that veils the technology so as not to disrupt the traditional aesthetics.

- Today’s wide selection of fixtures, hardware, flooring, tiling, moldings, doors, windows, and lighting allows us to infuse just the right style throughout the home. Many clients look for a blend of contemporary design with traditional New England feel, and the finishes help us achieve that.

- Since today’s homes are generally much larger than those of generations ago, we create spaces that flow together even if there’s variety in interior design styles.

- It’s a thrill when we can use reclaimed materials for historical appeal, creative reuse, and environmental impact.

- Exterior planning includes harmonizing hardscape and landscape features, entry gates, pools, and additional structures on the property.

The New England-style homes we build may be stunning colonials with gables, cedar shingles, natural field-stone, and coffered ceilings, but they can behave much like a contemporary, high-tech New York City penthouse! The home pictured above is one of our favorite examples of a new, custom home that blends tradition with modern living. See more photos here.