5 Tips to Consider When Looking For a Homebuilder

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Below are 5 thing to consider when looking for a custom home builder and remember - details are important! Finding the right home builder can be as hard as finding the right home. Connection You’ll be working closely and sometimes stressfully with your builder, so it’s important to establish a good connection with whomever you choose. The success of the home building can depend on the quality of your working relationship. Look for a builder whom you like, trust and respect.

Credentials Your builder should be a professional, certified, insured and ideally, recognized for their work by receiving awards. If something goes wrong, which can happen in any construction endeavor, you need a builder who can manage it. In addition, it is ideal to work with builders who have received awards for outstanding work. For example, RR Builders is a certified Green Home Builder and has received numerous awards for their outstanding work. This is a great sign!

Experience & Detail Oriented Your home builder should have a strong resume of experience, particularly with the sort of home you want to build. Ask for a list of past projects and visit some of those homes to see them in their completed state, and review the inspection and building permit records. These are public, and though most builders may have a few minor violations, identifying major or repeated problems should prompt you to choose another builder. Pay close attention to details and see if your prospective builder does as well.

Get References In addition to a list of former projects, you should ask for some references. Other homeowners can provide the best (least-biased) appraisal of his abilities. Ask how their working relationship panned out, what issues they encountered (if any), how those were resolved, and about their level of contentment in their new home.

Longevity Finally, consider how long the builder has been working in your area. Because every municipality imposes specific restrictions on homes, it’s helpful to choose an established local builder.

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