Great Gift Idea: Wine Collection & Cellar

Custom wine cellar

What a wonderful concept-having wines available in a nice cellar or other special space. Not only is it practical for when guests arrive unexpectedly, but it makes for great travel and vacation ideas as you search for special wines in your travels. If you are like some people, you don't want to spend a lot upfront with already aged wines. Well, a great part of having a collection is being able to buy some pretty decent, mid-level wines and just let them hang out in your house for a few years before you drink them.

Tips for Starting a Wine Collection- Click HERE

Since RRBuilders specializes in creating unique spaces for our clients, we know the ideal conditions for a wine cellar including specialized lighting that won't interfere with the aging process of your wines.

  • a constant temperature between 44.6ºF - 64.4ºF
  • 60% relative humidity
  • a darker area in your home •an area with as little movement as possible
  • enough space so the bottles can easily be stores on an angle to prevent the cork from drying out.

We would be happy to meet with you to discuss adding this specialty space to your home- what a wonderful gift for that special someone, for the holidays!

In the picture above, our client is already established as a collector. They wanted a classic, masculine space and so we chose a hand hewn mahogany wood with a gorgeous, yet practical finish - able to handle the humidity. The client digitally inventories their wine collection with a very easy and useful application that tells you the best time to drink various wines/vintages and provides helpful information on the wines themselves -  ideal for keeping track of your investment, for large families, or anyone with a bad memory!