Building Trends that Keep Getting Hotter – Thankfully!

It’s been great seeing how mobile device technology, home automation and monitoring systems, and advances in building materials have enhanced convenience, safety, security, sustainability, and enjoyment for our clients. All while bringing a whole new world of sleek and sophisticated design options for interior and exterior living spaces! Some trends that early-adopters have embraced are becoming “must haves”.

Choosing Lighting for Your Home

When building or remodeling a home, lighting is one of those features that makes quite an impact, from the moment a person sees the house to enjoying the rooms within, to maximizing outdoor entertaining areas. The fixtures themselves can be bold, stylish and “make a statement” or can be hidden from view so it’s the light itself that showcases the home’s features.

When Builders & Architects Collaborate: Homeowners Win!

Establishing a strong partnership with the architect from pre-construction through completion helps to keep projects on time, within budget, and finished to the client’s delight! Aside from the logistical aspects of communicating well with the architect, there’s the priceless benefit of making the whole process easier and less stressful for the client.

What is a High Performance Home?

Do You Have a High Performance Home? While most of us seek to be high performers personally and professionally, we should think of our HOMES as High Performers also!