‘Open the Door’ to New Possibilities!

The New Year “opens the door” to New Possibilities! (pardon the pun)

These winter months are a perfect time to begin planning your spring/summer home projects – such as new construction, a renovation/addition, or perhaps a fun pool house or accessory structure.  (Recall our award-winning pool house!)

WHAT is Team Build?

  • Team – The Architect and Builder work as a TEAM with the Client, right from the beginning of the project.
  • Design/Build Role – This TEAM makes informed decisions the first time. This helps to avoid potential redesigns due to cost over-runs and/or time delays.
  • Smoother Process – Clients tend to be happier because projects have a higher chance of being on time and on budget with minimal changes.

How do you BENEFIT from Team Build?

  • Make Better Decisions – You’re given meaningful alternatives because the TEAM addresses the cost, quality and schedule issues during design, not after.
  • Maximize Value – The TEAM’s ability to make informed decisions means that you receive the highest possible quality for every dollar you spend.
  • Save Time & Avoid Added Stress  – We at R.R.Builders create win-win solutions, so you have more free time and avoid unnecessary surprises, delays, backtracking and disputes.
  • Customized Process – You deal directly with the architect and builder, as a TEAM from ‘day one’ who are responsive to your needs, versus a rigid design/build project template where you follow an uncustomized process, when the builder is engaged, after the design is complete.

Our team proudly builds and remodels homes in towns throughout CT and NY.
Contact us at 203.972.6100 or info@rrbuilders.com for a free consultation on creating your dream home!